• 〇强势起步 Make a strong transition into high school by working hard and building a solid foundation of academic success
  • 了解别人- Meet teachers, counselors, staff members, student leaders and your peers.  Make connections and think about how you would like get involved at Lake Catholic.
  • 〇积极参与 Go to the activity fair and select a few student organizations to join.
  • 想想未来- 什么职业最适合你?  如果你不确定,开始思考和问问题!
  • 服务- - - - - - 见夫人. Ellis to learn about service opportunities and make a difference in our community
  • 和咨询师谈谈 Meet with your guidance counselor and/or the college counselor to make a plan for your career at Lake Catholic.  How can Lake Catholic be your spring board into the college and career of your dreams?
  • 参加职业测试 Naviance - Familiarize yourself with the college counseling 网站 and, 在Self-Discovery选项卡下, take the ‘Career Interest Profiler’ and ‘Personality’ Assessments
  • Begin to explore colleges you are interested in on Naviance.  学校有你感兴趣的专业吗?  Does the school have the activities and 课外活动 you are interested in?  无知可以帮助你回答这些问题.
  • 选择一个大二的计划 that is challenging, but that will also help you emphasize your individual strengths


  • 开始强烈! 大学希望看到你的成绩呈上升趋势. If you had a solid freshman year, keep the momentum going. If you struggled at times, this is the time for you to work hard to correct any issues.
  • 〇积极参与 Continue to stay involved in extracurricular and service organizations.  Now is the time to begin to think about leadership opportunities within those organizations.  大学正在寻找领导者.
  • 十月考试日尽你所能!  For many, this is the first time you will take a major college entrance standardized test.
  • Have you completed the ‘Career Interest Profiler’ and ‘Do What you Are’ Assessments on Naviance?  如果没有,一定要利用这些有见地的工具.
  • 最大化你的ACT/SAT潜能! Take one of the prep classes offered at Lake to learn about the test and practice strategies
  • 计划- - - - - - 用大三的计划挑战自己.  Take an Honors or AP course…try something new related to your intended major or career.
  • Speak with the guidance department concerning leadership camps/experiences available to Lake Catholic (i.e. Leadership Lake County, 霍比,实验室,七叶男孩和女孩州)
  • Think about a summer job that will provide leadership opportunities
  • 还没有参与? Meet with your counselor to discuss ways you can get involved at Lake Catholic. 这对大学录取至关重要.
  • 参加春季的大学二年级晚会. 了解大学录取过程, 大学访问, and how to make yourself the best candidate for college admissions.


  • 这是充满挑战和收获的高中一年. 开始时要坚强,一整年都要保持这种强度. This will be the last set of grades that college admissions offices see when you apply.
    • REMEMBER - Colleges want to see an upward trend in your grades. If your grades slip this year, it is a major red flag to colleges.
  • If you do not remember your Naviance information, see your counselor and log on to the 网站. 即将到来的大学访问, 职业测试, college stats and contact information are all just a click or two away.
  • Attend on-campus (virtual) 大学访问 at Lake Catholic
  • 10月份参加ACT预备班 
  • PSAT/Pre-ACT -尽你所能. As a junior, this counts for the National Merit competition
  • 列出你想要探索的10所大学
  • 保持参与并寻找领导的机会 
  • 参加SAT和/或ACT考试
  • 报名冬季ACT班(一月)
  • 开始制作简历
  • 努力学习,在期中考试中做到最好
年1 - 2月刊
  • Begin to plan 大学访问- Don’t wait until the summer. 在学校开课期间参观一所大学
  • Career Exploration - Are you leaning towards a certain career? 向你的辅导员咨询更多pp电子职业的信息.  指导部门可以协助进行职业实习.
  • 注册SAT/ACT考试
  • Look for a summer job that will provide leadership opportunities
  • Speak with the guidance department concerning leadership camps/experiences available to Lake Catholic Students (i.e. 霍比,实验室,七叶男孩和女孩州)
  • Schedule a family meeting with your counselor to create a college admissions game plan
  • 最大化你的成绩!
5月- 6月
  • 继续计划参观大学
  • Think about teachers/coaches/other adult leaders that you will ask for a letter of recommendation
  • 注册ACT/SAT考试
  • 参加ACT预备班 
  • Make contact with/introduce yourself to the admissions office of all potential schools (via email)



  • Make sure your transcript information is correct (meet with your guidance counselor)
  • Make initial contact with college admissions reps at all potential schools (via email)
  • 创建一个 常见的应用程序 配置文件
  • 重新熟悉 Naviance. 在这里, 你可以找到学校的联系方式, 大学录取统计数据/平均值, 专业, 课外活动, 还有更多.
  • 如果需要,和你的辅导员安排一次会面.
  • Ask teachers/coaches/administrators for letters of recommendation.
  • 必要时参加ACT考试
  • Attend virtual campus 大学访问 in the 全球学习中心 or Media Center, 花点时间和你的招生代表谈谈
  • 开始准备所有的大学申请
  • 10月1日: FAFSA 开放接受提交
  • 参加ACT预备班 
  • 必要时参加ACT考试
  • 注意即将到来的截止日期!
  • Goal: Have all college applications complete and submitted prior to Thanksgiving Break (at the latest!)
  • Begin to search for local scholarships (A comprehensive list can be found on Naviance)
  • Provide ‘Thank You’ cards for writers of letters of recommendation
  • 12月1日:FAFSA到期日
  • Last Chance (in most cases) for seniors to take an ACT or SAT Test…register as needed!
  • 继续寻找和申请奖学金
  • 在期中考试中尽力吗!  If you are wait listed or would like an admissions office to reconsider an admissions decision, 可能需要一份“年中报告”.  Solid grades in the fall semester may be the key to you going to your dream college.
年1 - 2月刊
  • 1月中旬——FAFSA奖公布.  
  • 还是不确定你想上哪所大学? 安排另一次大学访问.
  • 继续寻找和申请奖学金
  • 你需要协商你的经济奖励吗?  请pp电子的LEAF代表 夫人. 布雷纳德
  • 将所有奖学金提交给指导办公室.

  • 5月1日-所有大学决定截止
    • 向你计划就读的大学提交你的押金
    • Send a ‘Thank You’ card to all other schools, informing them of your decision to attend elsewhere
  • Notify the Guidance Office of your college decision (this is where we will send your Final Transcript)


Discover yourself, your faith, your future, your purpose. 成为雷克天主教家庭的一员.